Given abortions’ finality, informed choice needed (Title by Daily Advance)

A few years ago, my family and I were at The Magic Kingdom watching the show at Cinderella’s Castle. I remember that, along with others, we watched a nearby young woman dressed in a princess outfit dancing and waving. Her joy was palpable and contagious like her smile. The young woman had Down syndrome and expressed a true child-like enthusiasm. Statistics tell us that in many areas of the country, up to 90 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. What a shame to void such people and millions of others from our midst by abortions.

In a recent editorial by The Charlotte Observer reprinted by The Daily Advance, “Courts skeptical of abortion rules,” the author criticized “inappropriate and dangerous” laws requiring that pregnant women receive ultrasounds prior to abortions. The editorial considers ultrasounds as serving no purpose other than shaming pregnant women.

I imagine a pregnant woman leaving the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center carrying an ultrasound image of the baby in her womb. The mother would have experienced loving hospitality and kindness. The natural response is for the mother’s heart to melt with love for that child.

Conversely, I can imagine a recently pregnant woman leaving an abortion facility following an abortion. She leaves holding a receipt for her abortion promising no refunds, no returns, only regrets. Which mother has been shamed?

Most states have “lemon laws” that allow used-car buyers to return cars that turn out to be “lemons.” No such solution exists for women who regret their abortions. Why not help pregnant women make an informed decision? Ultrasounds reveal the reality of life in the womb. The truth is that in the light of ultrasounds many pregnant women choose to give birth to their babies.

Abortion advocates quoted in the editorial do not want abortion-minded women to see that ultrasound. The alternative is to keep them in the dark and to deny the reality of life in the womb. Sadly, women who have abortions will also be encouraged to deny the pain and regret that may follow abortions. No returns. No refunds. No acknowledgement of painful reality.

Women regretting abortions are unlikely to find comfort from the facility that provided the abortion. However, at the local pregnancy resource center and at life-affirming churches, they will find the affirmation, forgiveness and healing.


Elizabeth City

Bud Wright’s latest rant glosses over the offenses of radical Islam by comparing them to the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC).  (Is this the best the Daily Advance can do in op-ed’s—rehash Facebook memes?) The WBC spreads hate and shows egregious disrespect for fallen soldiers and families.  The rest of Christendom disdains the actions of the WBC.

On the other hand, this week in Nigeria Islamic radicals killed 42 children and teachers in a school.  The children were burned alive.  Last week, Fr. Francois Murad, Roman Catholic priest in Syria, was shot inside his church for his faith by Islamic zealots.  A Coptic priest was shot dead in Egypt. In Iran, American Pastor Saeed Abedini remains imprisoned for his faith.  Murders of Christians by Muslims occur in churches, villages, marketplaces and in homes throughout the Middle East and Africa. Any reasonable person can easily see Islamic zealotry is more than a verbal annoyance or a single unit of the religion like the WBC. 

Similarly, Wright’s assertion that American Christians and Muslims value American freedom equally is an unfounded and unquantifiable statement.  The burden of the proof lies with Wright.  We have freedom in this country, because America’s founders were informed by Judeo-Christian values that established freedom to worship.  The same cannot be said of countries with governments informed by Islam where Christians and Jews are often persecuted if tolerated at all.

Wright also rejects any proposed restraints against abortion providers.  Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist recently convicted of murder and manslaughter, operated without meaningful oversight in the name of “Women’s Health.”  Wright essentially argues for this libertine prerogative for abortionists.  Wright eschews the types of prudent medical standards that prevent deaths of mothers like Maria Santiago who died following a botched abortion this year in Maryland. 

The closing argument of a recent Wright column attempts to show the irrelevance of Biblical sexual ethics pertaining to marriage.  He compares Biblical sexual morality to the Old Testament law prohibiting work on the Sabbath.  A writer should have at least a pedestrian knowledge of the Bible before attempting to turn it against itself.  Wright only proves his own Biblical ignorance and general foolishness. 

The above examples, I think, are a few of the plethora of Wright’s asinine assertions that consistently insult readers by their incoherent content, unreasonableness and unoriginality.   Wright is like a schoolyard bully who verbally insults people because he has an older and bigger brother to stand behind him.  I honestly don’t understand how or why Wright is afforded half a page of Saturday’s paper each week. 

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The Letter below was published in the Daily Advance of Elizabeth City today. The italicized text was deleted from the original letter as I submitted it.

May 11, 2013

Letter to the Editor of Daily Advance:

I think the time has come for people of faith and medicine to affirm once and for all that abortion never meets any standard of acceptable practices. The horror exhibited by the abortion business of Dr. Kermit Gosnell provides the essence of abortion. No matter how palatable abortion at early stages may seem, it always ends the life of a child. Whether the life in the womb is ended by taking an over-the-counter pill, from a chemical solution or by the baby’s neck being snipped at birth, the culpability and result is the same.

We know what has been conceived in the mother’s womb is a human life. Ultrasounds show us the heartbeat, the formation of the body, the head, the hands and feet. Audio recordings have let us hear the screams and cries of babies during abortions. Medical breakthroughs provide for the survival of babies prematurely born earlier than when some abortions occur. Meanwhile, couples are spending thousands of dollars for international adoptions.

Abortion decisions cannot be relegated to politics. As members of a caring community, we cannot trust government officials to arbitrate moral, spiritual and ethical decisions about life for us. Despite our government pushing federally funded abortions, it has no qualification to inform us as to what is right and wrong. Unelected judges have no influence on the reality of what is life and what is murder. The media becomes more unreliable on matters of life and death.

Our wisdom, faith and consciences make it all very clear: abortion is murderous. This becomes more certain with any amount of investigation or reflection.

The pro-abortion arguments avoid the very subject of the child in the womb. They must assert delusions and deflect reality to justify abortions. T.S. Eliot was right when he wrote that “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” It seems that pro-abortion humans bear the least.

Every honest person of faith in God must reject abortion as contrary to the workings of God. It is simply impossible to reconcile the practice of abortion with the witness of Scripture. A pro-abortion Christian will always be an oxymoron. A person has to reject Biblical authority to justify abortion. Ending what God is creating sets one in opposition not submission to the Lord.

With the advances in medicine, it is equally impossible to call the baby growing in the mother’s womb anything else but a human being. Abortion dehumanizes every child and person. Doctors obedient to the Hippocratic Oath must facilitate and nurture life not destroy it.

 None of the arguments in favor of aborting a baby remain sound in the light of medicine or faith.

Pregnant mothers or women who have had abortions can find help and resources at the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center. You do not have to face pregnancy, motherhood or the regrets of an abortion alone.

Submitted by Craig Stephans
106 Pinelake Dr
Elizabeth City, NC 27909