Attached is an essay on C.S. Lewis’ Preface to Milton’s Paradise Lost. This offers insights on C.S. Lewis’ views on the reality of Satan in comparison to Milton’s character and culture’s ideas.

C.S. Lewis’ Treatment of Satan and His Preface to Milton’s Paradise Lost

5 Responses to “–C.S. Lewis and Milton on Satan”

  1. […] To read more about Milton’s character of Satan in Paradise Lost and the Biblical portrayal of Satan, read a paper on C.S Lewis’ view of Satan and Paradise Lost here. […]

  2. J. M. Jolley Says:

    Brilliant piece of work. Will you consider reading an essay I wrote and writing a brief introduction if you like it?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You essay is helping me immensely on a paper of mine. I realized my class has been overlooking Milton’s Orthodoxy the entire time, and failed to see God as the protagonist. Your clarity is a great relief to me. Thank you.

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