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Jointly, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Endeavored to create a being
Similar to themselves,
Unlike anything ever seen,
Symphonious to Heaven’s Trinity.


January of God’s creation,
Each atom and cell
Sparkling like the morning dew
Under the sun’s rays
Shouting of God’s glory.


Jehovah’s breath of life
Enters the fresh clay form
Sanctifying body, soul and spirit.
Unafraid, Adam opens his virgin eyes
Seeing at once all that is love.


Just one man alone,
Endowed with life and power,
Sovereign over his paradise,
Unable to gain completion,
Searching for a part of himself.


Judiciously, Adam examined and named
Every animal, large and small, that lived
Safely with him in the garden.
Unsatisfied remained his desire:
Someone to share this happy life.


Jubilantly, God awoke Adam
Ecstatic about this new surprise.
Sleeping Adam had forfeited a rib
Used by God to create an absolute
Soulmate and lover for his son.


Jouncing from the earth,
Eve blossomed to full height.
Seemingly clothed in a rainbow,
Undaunted by the man before her,
She touched his lips with hers.


Jumping into paradise,
Evil came disguised.
Sweet-talking benumbing serpent,
Ugliness defined yet hidden beneath
Slick multicolored deceiving skin.


Juniper fragrances enshrouded Satan’s
Electric lies and illusions
Slipping into the innocent
Union of Adam and Eve to corrupt
Sons and daughters of God.


Juxtaposed in their souls
Elements of evil and good battled.
Succumbing to temptation,
Untrusting of their maker’s words,
Sumptuously they ate the forbidden fruit.


Jet streams blew icy air;
Everything felt a chilling weight
Settle upon the verdant utopia.
Unholy and naked Adam and Eve
Skulked to hide from their searching God.


Jostling through Eden’s gate,
Eve cried and Adam trembled at
Sin’s wasteland of promised death.
Unctuous in his cursed success,
Satan grinned contortedly.


Jaded not at all in his purpose,
Elohim’s desire for childrens’ communion
Stayed resolute and steadfast.
Unwavering was his love.
Sin and not God’s dream would die.


Jilted by those he
Espoused, The Lord of Creation
Sent a downpour and flood
Upon all he made on earth
Submerging what had become a regret.


Japheth, Ham and Shem,
Entitled by birthright from Noah,
Sequestered with their family in the ark
Underway with two of every animal
Selected from above to begin again.


Job feared the Living God.
Everyday was better than before.
Seven sons and three daughters were his.
Uz knew no man so blessed.
Seasons however come and go for all.


Jaundiced by his loss of
Everything he held dear,
Sons and daughters dead and gone
Ultimately, Job proved God and
Spent his latter days well blessed.


Jockeying their camels to
Enter a far off and promised land,
Sarah and Abraham sought a blessing.
Upbeat, righteous and faithful Abraham
Saw the Lord’s day and rejoiced.


Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham,
Evolved into the man Israel.
Struggling with God and destiny,
Urgently seeking a blessing, he
Sired twelve sons, a nation.


Joshua was sold by his brothers to
Egypt where he sufferend
Slavery and imprisonment
Until God raised him up
Setting him at Pharoah’s hand.


Jethro’s son-in-law Moses led the
Exodus of Israel from bondage.
Splitting the sea, guiding Israel
Under his cloud and fire, God
Sentenced Egypt’s army to death.


Jordan’s waters ceased to flow.
Each of Israel’s warriors
Stepped across the river
Upon dry ground as God
Sent his angel, Captain of his host.


Jericho’s walls fell as Israel
Entered the terrible city
Sacking all that was in it
Unnerving all the cities around
Signaling the Lord of Host’s power.


Jawbone in hand
Enraged and furious
Samson ruled but was
Up and down until he
Stood tall against the enemy’s pillars.


Judges failed to satisfy and
Eli’s sons corrupted the
Sanctity of the priesthood.
Unified, Israel begged for a king.
Saul received and lost the reign.


Judah’s tribe was chosen
Especially David’s line
Someday to produce a king,
Unmatched by all rulers ever,
Saving all from death and sin.


Jettisoned from the promised land,
Evicted to bondage for sins
Seemingly forgotten in their oppression,
Universally, Israel mourned its former glory
Searching for that promised coming king.


Jeremiah lamented Israel’s
Enduring rebellion in
Slavery and rejection of repentance.
Useless were his cries to these
Sheep scattered among wolves.


Jonah ran from God and
Embarked in a ship to
Sentence Ninaveh to destruction.
Up from the depths came a fish to
Swallow and spit Jonah to a saving mission.


Judah Maccabbee and his brothers
Erupted to remove the desolation,
Sacrifice of abomination. The Hammers
Ushered in a respite of
Self rule for Israel.


Jagged iron teeth of Rome
Eviscerated the beast’s enemies
Subjecting Israel to tyranny,
Usurping the Temple’s authority,
Setting puppets in Moses’ seat.


Joseph and Mary were soon to wed.
Enveloping Mary in Holy love, the
Spirit of God conceived in her a son.
Understanding came to Joseph while he slept.
Silencing his fears, an angel with the truth.


John prepared the way of the Lord.
Echoing in the wilderness, his prophetic voice
Sounded the coming of the Messiah.
Urged by John and their consciences,
Scores received the baptism of repentance.

34 .

Jay-like the Spirit fell,
Empowering Jesus to enter
Severe temptation and testing
Unrivaled by what man has ever known.
Steadfastly, he faced down Satan and evil.


Journeying throughout the land
Emanating love, wisdom and power,
Son of man, strong in sorrows.
Unwilling to ignore a single sheep,
Son of God, strong in spirit.


Joining Jesus were the twelve,
Elected by God, called apostles,
Servants of the Most High.
Uniformly, they left family and home
Setting out to lose and gain their lives.


Jubilee year of the Lord
Excitedly was proclaimed,
Sick were healed, bound were
Unfettered and made whole again,
Springs of life flowed into deserts.


Jesus performed great works for many,
Educated the poor and wandering,
Signs and wonders abounded.
Unknown to the multitudes and his friends,
Sacrifice was his mission and end.


Jews and gentiles came to see and hear.
Energy flowed from his hands.
Some said he was king and prophet.
Undesirable to Jesus were the treasures of men.
Seclusion with the Father was his sanctuary.


Judea and Galilee hearing the news,
Erupted with anticipation
Suspecting that Israel would rise
Up again behind this Son of David.
Suggestions of rebellion circulated the land.


James and John coveted thrones
Equally at Jesus’ left and right.
Sons of Thunder could taste
Unending glory beside their king.
Sternly, Jesus offered service not status.


Jealousy gripped the religious.
Examining Jesus, they frowned,
Scorning his wondrous deeds.
Umbrage was taken at his
Saying his Father was God.


Judas wanted a kingdom
Existing in this world.
Spoils of battle he craved and became
Usurped by greed and corruption.
Silver lured him to betray his Lord and friend.


Jangles of accusation and spite
Exuded from the mob
Storming to arrest the Passover lamb.
Utterly conformed to the will of God,
Submissively Jesus went of his own accord.


Judgment was levied,
Execution then demanded,
Skin was torn and ripped,
Unruly crowds spat and yelled,
Sunshine ceased as light was crucified.


Jolted by the death of God’s son,
Earth shook and sky thundered,
Souls of men quaked with fear.
Upon the cross, Jesus finished the work.
Supernaturally, he died our death.


Justice was done at the cross
Eliminating the debt of every sin
Since Adam and Eve fell.
Uncompromising death,
Satisfied now by the offering of God.


Jailed in the stony tomb without
Eulogy or blessing Jesus’ body lay.
Sabbath day his friends mourned and hid,
Utmost grief consumed their souls.
Sunday morning brought ecstasy when Jesus rose.


Joy spiraled through heaven,
Exhilaration among angels and saints.
Stone door was rolled away,
Upward Jesus flew to paradise
Sitting down beside his Father’s throne.


Justified by the death and life of Jesus,
Expunged of sin, people can be born again.
Salvation is in his name alone.
Ubiquitous evidence of eternal life fills
Stories of old and the Body of Christ today.


Journals will be filled with victorious
Expressions of God’s good works.
Spiritual Battles will rage in the world
Until Christ comes again to earth.
Still, Hell’s gates shall not prevail.


Jots and tittles of the word
Endure, and all will
See promises fulfilled as the
Unshakable Kingdom of Heaven
Succeeds and prospers under His Rule.


Jewels shine in the exalted king’s crown,
Every knee will bow to his throne,
Songs and praises laud him forever.
Unlike any person or angel,
Savior, Lord, Beginning, End–Jesus.

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