I know you from inside,
Your heartbeat has been my security,
Your voice, my pacifier,
Your blood, my nourishment,
Your warmth, my blanket,
Your hope, my dream,
Your love, my love,
In you, I lived.

A flash, and I am in light,
Warmth, love, waves over me,
Arms embrace me,
My Father, your Father, smiles,
He weeps,
His tears comfort me, because I know
He sees you and holds you, too.
In Him, we live.

Death is not failure,
Imagine my face, I see you,
Say my name, I hear you,
Talk of me, I know you.

Our separation is a morning,
Your lifetime only a breath of eternity,
A day at work.

Look to our Father,
See his face, his beauty,
I am here,
Waiting to welcome you home,
Sweet Mother.

by Craig Stephans (Upon the death of a friend’s unborn son days before his expected birth)

3 Responses to “–Sweet Mother”

  1. Janet Koenig Says:

    I just had my first visit to your website to see what was happening with you all. I was so touched to see James’ Poem here. It is such a sweet treasure to our family and it has continued to touch all the women that I come in contact with and minister to who have lost babies.
    Love you guys!

  2. anastasiavisotsky Says:

    “Your lifetime only a breath of eternity”, this is powerful

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