Shakespeare’s plays remain as popular today as ever. The literary eloquence of his writing continues to be unmatched. Whether performed on a local stage or adapted to the big screen, his timeless plays strike a chord in the human heart and ignite passionate feelings.

What makes the plays so enduring? Craig Stephans believes eternal truths permeate the plays creating a foundation in the reality of human existence, and these truths touch us spiritually, emotionally and mentally and draw us into the experiences of the characters, because they provide glimpses of ourselves and people around us.

Shakespeare on Spirituality explores the many plays of Shakespeare and reveals treasures of spiritual, life-changing wisdom. Excerpts from the plays and elucidating commentary on 37 topics offer enlightening insights culled from Shakespeare’s genius. Find out what Shakespeare’s plays say about subjects such as attitude, religion, sin, marriage, loyalty, friendships, character, angels, cheerfulness and many more intriguing topics related to the relationships we have with others, God, our world and ourselves. You will marvel at just how much Shakespeare’s plays divulge about spirituality.

If you enjoy Shakespeare or have an interest in spirituality, Shakespeare on Spirituality offers an innovative, creative presentation of Shakespeare’s beautiful, illuminating writing. You will appreciate Stephans’ style of writing and thinking on the spiritual topics he addresses.

You can order Shakespeare on Spirituality from Amazon.com.

One Response to “Craig’s Book “Shakespeare on Spirituality: Life-Changing Wisdom from Shakespeare’s Plays””

  1. Mary Ellen Basnight Says:

    You have the same the same love for the arts in theater,poems,great theological literature and paintings as did the late pope John Paul.I feel blessed to know you and so appreciate your integration of the arts with the gospel.I will bring my painting of John Paul for you to see soon.

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