The 17th century Christian philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal wrote “there are two kinds of people one can call reasonable; those who serve God with all their heart because they know him, and those who seek God with all their heart because they do not know him.” If you are either of these kinds of people or desire to be, this book is for you.

The God who created you calls you to a wonderful life with him. Life with him is communion with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God has a plan for your life in which you reach your full potential as a creative and positive human being.

It is possible for you to live the abundant life on earth–the very life that Jesus has promised you! Through a careful study of the scriptures and an organized presentation of the major themes of the Bible, Life As God Has It leads you into the life of God where all of your God-inspired desires and dreams are fulfilled. This book is the next step in your adventure with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Author’s Note:

While in graduate school studying counseling, I began work on this book based on the idea to develop a theory for life based on the Bible. My hope was to create a guideline to follow in counseling and in life. I spent several years studying the scriptures and developing the organization for the book. The result is this book on the major themes of the Bible. It is the fruit of much prayer and much meditation upon scripture. I think it presents the truths of the Bible, and the major truth is that God is better than we can imagine and so is his desire for our lives.

You can order a copy of Life As God Has It by contacting me and mailing a check for $12 per book or buy it through Amazon.com

2 Responses to “Craig’s Book “Life as God Has It: A Return to Paradise””

  1. Holladay Bornstad Says:

    Good afternoon!

    I have been reading your book, Life As God Has It, A Return to Paradise and I want to purchase 10 more copies for family and friends.

    the one I am reading is a signed copy that I believe aI picked up from The Citadel during one of our family vacations.

    Where can I send the check?

    Thank you,

    Holladay Bornstad wife of cadet Myles Bornstad class of 1981

  2. craigstephans Says:

    Hi. Thanks for writing. I received your message. My address is the following:

    Craig Stephans
    308 Pine St
    Ambridge, PA 15003

    I will give you a call later and get your mailing address.

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