Spiritual Autobiography (The latest)

July 9, 2016

The attached file is my latest version of a spiritual autobiography.

Craig Stephans Spiritual Autobiography    (5/2019)

3 Responses to “Spiritual Autobiography (The latest)”

  1. lorirodeheaver Says:

    “The process of writing the book led me to a more intimate relationship with the Lord through involvement in his word and through prayer. This project also shaped in me a habit of studying Scripture and seeking the Lord in a somewhat methodical way. I had an almost constant pull to enter into solitude with the Lord. I still experience this pull to withdraw from stimulation of the world and the flesh and seek the presence of the Lord and his expression through some means of grace.”

    This is so me. Lol. I have struggled a lot to not being “doing” (writing, reading, studying, running, etc.) while in the presence of God. I just cannot sit still ever! And I my prayer life has suffered. Anyway I met this medical doctor who told me he has a healing gift and that God wanted to heal me and you know little miss reformed baptist over here is like is this guy for real? But he was. And this is what God is teaching me now. How to be still and pray. You would think after almost 20 years of bible study I would know how to do this!? But I just wanted to say I am still so thankful for your prayers over my husband and I when we met that day and how much that healing meant to me at the time. God showed me that all faith healers are not con artists and liars because of what you did for us. Thank you! I pray you are well!

    • Lori, thanks so much. You are definitely productive in your spiritual life. The practice of contemplative prayer has taught me that being still and listening to God is productive as he expresses himself to us. Thanks again for your feedback. God does amazing things among us. You are much more than what can be defined by a denominational label. You and Tim are extraordinary.

  2. Jeanie Says:

    Fr. Craig, it’s a delight and a privilege to read your spiritual bio. Your reflections on hope and the reminder from Romans that it is possible to stay strong, and even rejoice, in suffering was just what I needed to hear as Bert & I are in the midst of difficulties with his Mom’s illness. Your walk with the Holy Spirit strengthens my trust in him and his gifts; and the spiritual disciplines you mentioned remind me that a life of greater devotion to God is what would please him most. One of my favorite quotes from your book is, “Become consumed with the Lord, and he will consume you with his abundant life and glory.” It’s an awesome thought and I know it’s true. God blesses us at Redeemer because you are our pastor and priest. May he bless you beyond measure during your time at Asbury.

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