This is a letter to the editor of The Daily Advance published in today’s edition.  The WBC plans to protest four churches in Elizabeth City this Sunday.

The Daily Advance devoted three articles in today’s (Thursday’s) edition to the Westboro Baptist Church and its visit to Elizabeth City.  I understand the reason for the attention of the paper, but the real story is not the inconsequential protests by this perverse group.  These protesters prove the total depravity of the human heart that is “deceitful above all things.” The real story should be the hundreds more who will gather within the churches’ walls to receive the grace to renew their hearts with Christ’s love. 

The Sunday of the protests, like other Sundays, the faithful folks at Holy Family Catholic Church will worship in the same manner that Christians have worshipped Jesus for nearly 2,000 years.  Like at our Anglican church, they will partake of the Holy Communion of the Lord’s Last Supper joining with a Billion Christians around the world in shared faith.   

At each of these churches where the annoying protests will occur, the life-giving name of Jesus Christ will be exalted as salvation is once again freely offered to all who come.  Because, unlike the WBC’s protests here, our worship occurs every week, we may take it for granted; however, it is no less a miraculous phenomenon that has occurred since this one man rose from the dead.