Given abortions’ finality, informed choice needed (Title by Daily Advance)

A few years ago, my family and I were at The Magic Kingdom watching the show at Cinderella’s Castle. I remember that, along with others, we watched a nearby young woman dressed in a princess outfit dancing and waving. Her joy was palpable and contagious like her smile. The young woman had Down syndrome and expressed a true child-like enthusiasm. Statistics tell us that in many areas of the country, up to 90 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. What a shame to void such people and millions of others from our midst by abortions.

In a recent editorial by The Charlotte Observer reprinted by The Daily Advance, “Courts skeptical of abortion rules,” the author criticized “inappropriate and dangerous” laws requiring that pregnant women receive ultrasounds prior to abortions. The editorial considers ultrasounds as serving no purpose other than shaming pregnant women.

I imagine a pregnant woman leaving the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center carrying an ultrasound image of the baby in her womb. The mother would have experienced loving hospitality and kindness. The natural response is for the mother’s heart to melt with love for that child.

Conversely, I can imagine a recently pregnant woman leaving an abortion facility following an abortion. She leaves holding a receipt for her abortion promising no refunds, no returns, only regrets. Which mother has been shamed?

Most states have “lemon laws” that allow used-car buyers to return cars that turn out to be “lemons.” No such solution exists for women who regret their abortions. Why not help pregnant women make an informed decision? Ultrasounds reveal the reality of life in the womb. The truth is that in the light of ultrasounds many pregnant women choose to give birth to their babies.

Abortion advocates quoted in the editorial do not want abortion-minded women to see that ultrasound. The alternative is to keep them in the dark and to deny the reality of life in the womb. Sadly, women who have abortions will also be encouraged to deny the pain and regret that may follow abortions. No returns. No refunds. No acknowledgement of painful reality.

Women regretting abortions are unlikely to find comfort from the facility that provided the abortion. However, at the local pregnancy resource center and at life-affirming churches, they will find the affirmation, forgiveness and healing.


Elizabeth City