Letter to My Senators and Congressman Regarding Syria

September 4, 2013

I want to offer input regarding the Syrian conflict and the decisions that will be forthcoming from the Senate and House.

I encourage you to vote against authorizing the President to intervene militarily in Syria at this time.

It seems like an ill-conceived proposition by the President that ignores the outcomes of prior similar interventions by the US military in the Middle East. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt all reflect attempts by our country to bring about peace and safety. All of those countries reside in chaos and crisis. We have already overspent US money and lives to create Islamic strongholds unfriendly to us.

No apparent positive outcome exists from the President’s proposition. It seems he is motivated merely by image, speculation and fabrication. He has consistently ignored humanitarian concerns throughout his tenure as a Senator and as President throughout the Mid-East and Africa. The only thing different now is that his image is on the line. Image, speculation and hypotheticals are not reasons to go to war to kill or risk being killed.

This President has not even made an all-out effort to gain peace through diplomacy, prayer or economics. Frankly, the President has engaged in absurd behavior internationally in light of US concerns.

I encourage you to reject this President’s current proposal to engage in military intervention in Syria.


Craig Stephans

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