Gosnell Case Shows Abortion Horrors (title given by the editor of the paper)

May 14, 2013

The Letter below was published in the Daily Advance of Elizabeth City today. The italicized text was deleted from the original letter as I submitted it.

May 11, 2013

Letter to the Editor of Daily Advance:

I think the time has come for people of faith and medicine to affirm once and for all that abortion never meets any standard of acceptable practices. The horror exhibited by the abortion business of Dr. Kermit Gosnell provides the essence of abortion. No matter how palatable abortion at early stages may seem, it always ends the life of a child. Whether the life in the womb is ended by taking an over-the-counter pill, from a chemical solution or by the baby’s neck being snipped at birth, the culpability and result is the same.

We know what has been conceived in the mother’s womb is a human life. Ultrasounds show us the heartbeat, the formation of the body, the head, the hands and feet. Audio recordings have let us hear the screams and cries of babies during abortions. Medical breakthroughs provide for the survival of babies prematurely born earlier than when some abortions occur. Meanwhile, couples are spending thousands of dollars for international adoptions.

Abortion decisions cannot be relegated to politics. As members of a caring community, we cannot trust government officials to arbitrate moral, spiritual and ethical decisions about life for us. Despite our government pushing federally funded abortions, it has no qualification to inform us as to what is right and wrong. Unelected judges have no influence on the reality of what is life and what is murder. The media becomes more unreliable on matters of life and death.

Our wisdom, faith and consciences make it all very clear: abortion is murderous. This becomes more certain with any amount of investigation or reflection.

The pro-abortion arguments avoid the very subject of the child in the womb. They must assert delusions and deflect reality to justify abortions. T.S. Eliot was right when he wrote that “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” It seems that pro-abortion humans bear the least.

Every honest person of faith in God must reject abortion as contrary to the workings of God. It is simply impossible to reconcile the practice of abortion with the witness of Scripture. A pro-abortion Christian will always be an oxymoron. A person has to reject Biblical authority to justify abortion. Ending what God is creating sets one in opposition not submission to the Lord.

With the advances in medicine, it is equally impossible to call the baby growing in the mother’s womb anything else but a human being. Abortion dehumanizes every child and person. Doctors obedient to the Hippocratic Oath must facilitate and nurture life not destroy it.

 None of the arguments in favor of aborting a baby remain sound in the light of medicine or faith.

Pregnant mothers or women who have had abortions can find help and resources at the Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center. You do not have to face pregnancy, motherhood or the regrets of an abortion alone.

Submitted by Craig Stephans
106 Pinelake Dr
Elizabeth City, NC 27909


One Response to “Gosnell Case Shows Abortion Horrors (title given by the editor of the paper)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Craig, excellent letter. Typical of so called “editors” to omit the parts THEY deem unnecessary. At least they published your letter. I have written at least four anti-abortion response letters to P & C here, and they have published 0 of them!

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