What a Relief an Abortion is?

February 12, 2013

According to Abigail Van Buren (“Dear Abby”) in her column today, “Ultimately, I am told, most women feel a sense of relief after an abortion.” Dear Abby, this completely subjective and anecdotal and misleading statement is not what I have been told. Immediately, what comes to mind is the mother in Martyland who is dead this week following her botched abortion last week….some relief.  Of course, you probably were not told about that, and apparently, you were not told about the many women who suffer severe depression, regret and angst following their abortion — not just in the aftermath but for years.  To hear an actual testimony of the reality of post-abortion feelings, watch this video by a retired OB/GYN doctor about the one abortion he performed.

Your statement is the kind of delusionary propaganda that continues the myth of “safe” abortions. Something as unnatural as a mother ending the life within her is never “safe.” Any spiritual perspective on the matter, raises the alarm that this goes against everything that God has revealed to his creation for life, especially to potential parents. We may try to develop the image of relief at the disposal of a “burden” or “mass of cells,” but to oppose our Creator’s work of creating life in the womb will “ultimately” never give us relief.

Maybe a woman does feel relief following abortion, but what does that indicate? And does it occur to you that this supposed “sense of relief” comes at great cost to the aborted baby? Does it matter if the guards at WWII concentration camps felt great relief at the burning of the bodies in the furnaces? Or that terrorists feel great relief when the bomb goes off? Or that a drug addict feels great relief when he or she injects herion? Relief does not indicate peace, virture, rightness, health or safety. The act that makes us feel relief can have disturbing consequences, as the delusion wears off and the reality wears in–and eventually it will.

Thankfully, for the woman who is the subject of your column, for all women who have aborted babies and the fathers involved or absent, God gives compassion, grace and forgiveness.  Proper counsel to the writer of the letter, the man angry about his girlfriend’s withholding the story of her past abortion, would be for him to let her know he loves and forgives her and to give her grace.  We also need to face the reality of the wrong decision and to repent of the act of ending the life in the womb; the good news is that God forgives.  And I believe he holds each of those lives ended through abortion with him in heaven where they live in the glory of his presence.

Our local Pregnancy Resource Center offers counseling for pregnant mothers and women who have had an abortion. The great team of counselors and volunteers are always ready with open arms and a word of encouragement.  I encourage women in the above categories to seek the counsel and help of their local resource center.  There is also the Silent No More Awareness campaign to help women suffering post-abortion. You do not have to go through this alone.